We offer a variety of services to help you with all your needs following a motor vehicle accident.

    • Physiotherapy

    Registered Physiotherapist uses in-depth knowledge of the body mechanics and specializes in hands-on clinical skills to treat clients of all ages. 


    • Assessment and Treatment 
    • Exercises for strengthening, aerobics (general health), cardiac rehab
    • Hand therapy specialist 

    Physiotherapy can be used to: 

    • Improve mobility
    • Relieve pain
    • Rehabilitate injuries and effects of disability

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    • Massage Therapy

    Our Registered Massage Therapists provide Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Pregnancy Massage. 

    Massage therapy helps:

    • Increase blood flow
    • Muscle relaxation
    • Increase joint function
    • Reduce pain

    15, 30, 45, and 60-minute treatments are available. *Fees vary by length of treatment.

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    • Chiropractic Treatment

    Our Registered Chiropractor assesses and treats youth and adults. Also provides In-Home Assessment, Chronic Pain, Work-Site and Functional Ability Assessment.

    Treatments include spinal realignment which alleviates pain in the:

    • Lower and Upper back
    • Neck 
    • Shoulder

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    • Acupuncture

    Acupuncture can calm the mind, relieves anxiety, and reduce nervousness. It also treats issues like:

    • Headaches/Migraines
    • Insomnia
    • Back Pain
    • Neck Pain
    • Weight loss
    • Smoking

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    • Psychotherapy

    We offer Psychological Assessment, Individual/Family Counselling for both youth and adults. Our Psychotherapists strive to help those suffering from issues such as:

    • Grief
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Chronic Pain

    For more information, please contact us.

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    • Assessments

    Our service professionals offer various assessments for your health concerns.

    Assessments such as:

    • Attendant Care Needs  Assessment (Form1)
    • In-Home Assessment
    • Psychological - Individual & Family Assessment
    • Psychological Assessment
    • Chronic Pain Assessment
    • Neuro-Psychological  Assessment
    • Driving Anxiety Assessment
    • Vocational Assessment
    • Functional Ability Evaluation
    • Work-Site Assessment

    For more information please contact us.

    • Custom Orthotics

    We provide custom orthotics for women, men, and youth.

    Orthotics aids in reducing stress and strain on your body.

    Orthotics help to correct your foot imbalances, your posture, and gait.

    Our custom orthotics fit comfortably in your shoes.

    For more information please contact us.

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    • Orthopaedic Shoes

    Orthopaedic shoes are specially designed to provide the support your feet needs. They can help to provide relief for painful foot problems or an injury.

    We offer a wide selection of brand-name shoes to choose from. Including casual, athletic, and dress shoes.

    Additional brands are also available.

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Massage Therapy Toronto

In-Home Care

  • In-Home Personal Care
  • In-Home Nursing Care
  • In-Home Personal Support Worker Care
  • In-Home Occupational Therapy
  • In-Home Physiotherapy 
  • In-Home Psychotherapy
  • In-Home Housekeeping
  • Others